Saturday, 30 June 2018

#38 - No Interest In Doing This Today 06/30/18

The main reason I decided to try and post 100 blogs in 100 days, was to show myself that I have the discipline it takes to reach a goal. Even if that means doing things I don't want to do. Today is one of those days.

If you read yesterday's post, I got up early, and waited at Best Buy to pick up an NES Classic. I did get one, and it's awesome. I haven't had much time to play it, though. I had a busy afternoon yesterday, and then shows all night. Today is the same thing, I went to record an episode of my buddy Tom's podcast, and I have stuff to finish here at the house before I go to the club for tonight's shows, and then I have plans after the shows are over.

I have a day of podcasts and shows tomorrow, as well. So I had about a 2 hour window to sit down and play with it today. My girlfriend and I just played Super Mario Bros 3 for a hour, and had a fucking blast. Those old Mario games have aged incredibly well. She didn't have anymore time to play, and I was going to settle in and play for another hour or so, and then I remembered this damned blog. I was tempted to blow it off, but I know I won't have another chance to post today, and then the chain breaks at 37 days. That would drive me crazy.

You know when you have something you have to do/should be doing, and you're ignoring it and slacking off instead? I hate that feeling. I can't bring myself to enjoy whatever I'm doing instead, because I'm thinking about the thing I should be doing, and then I dread doing whatever it was I had to do because I've built it up in my mind as this God awful thing that takes me away from something fun. That's exactly how I felt about this blog today.

If you just force yourself to suck it up and finish whatever you have to do, not only do can you cross if off your list, it'll make it 100 times easier to just kick back and enjoy whatever you wanted to be doing originally, because you won't have that little voice nagging at you. Hence, this blog post.

Which is officially done. Chain is intact, and I can still sneak a little more Megaman 2 in before I have to go.

I'm at The Comic Strip tonight and tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday). If you're in Edmonton and looking for something to do this weekend, come check out a show. It's a great lineup, and 100% guaranteed to not give you a sunburn.



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