Sunday, 19 August 2018

#88 - SummerSlam Sunday Ramblings 08/19/18

This is going to be a lazy blog, because I'm feeling lazy.

As I type this, I'm watching NXT Takeover. And then SummerSlam is tonight. All I gotta get done in between is this blog, and publish a podcast. Sweat pants and wrestling. That's what Sunday is all about!

I've never sat down and watched a full NXT event before, despite every wrestling fan I know telling me I should. I'm only one match into this show so far (Undisputed Era vs Moustache Mountain), but if that was any indication of how good this show is going to be, NXT has a new fan in this guy. I forgot just how fun pro wrestling can be.

As far as SummerSlam goes, I think it has potential to be pretty good. I'm as pumped for Miz/Bryan as I have been any wrestling match in years. Joe/Styles and Ziggler/Rollins should be pretty awesome, too. I hope we get an Ambrose heel turn, a Miz victory, and Kevin Owens walks out the Universal Champion. And Alexa Bliss destroys Rowdy Ronda, too....Bliss is the best.

Outside of wrestling, I had a fantastic weekend of shows in Calgary. The crowds were red hot, and the staff at that Yuk Yuks are incredible. I did 25 minutes both nights, switched up the sets, and came up with a couple new tags on the spot, which I very rarely do. I recorded audio for both, but I busted my camera out last night as well. I'm gonna give it a watch tomorrow and see if there's anything new in there I can keep. I hate watching video from sets I think went well way more than video of me bombing. You never end up doing as well as you thought you did when you watch the tape back. At least when I watch myself bomb, I know what's coming.

I went for lunch with my friends Dan and Rob yesterday, too. We were best friends when I was a kid, but I moved away in 1996 and had minimal contact with the guys since. I think it's rad that they're still close, and it was really fun catching up. They came to the show last night, too, which I great appreciated. If you guys read this, it was great seeing you. Let's not go 20 years before we do it again!

Anyway, Takeover is on, and I want to watch it. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Sunday!


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