Friday, 31 August 2018

#100 - 100 in 100 08/31/18

100 blogs in 100 days. I don't know who should be more excited... Me, because I accomplished something I set out to do, or everyone else, because these blogs won't be rammed down your throats anymore.

When I set the goal of writing all these things, my mentality behind it was that it'll get my writing muscles flexing first thing in the morning. That worked perfectly for the first few weeks, but after a while I started struggling to come up with something to talk about. The last month or so, there were actually days where writing this blog made me feel less inclined to work on my other writing projects, because I was burnt out by the time I finished the blog. In hindsight, I drastically underestimated how difficult writing a daily blog would be.

I also had quite a few days where I worried about pissing people off with these. Every single day, "Hey guys, read more about me!" Blogs like this are self indulgent, without question. As I went on, though, I really did start developing a thicker skin in regards to other's opinions. I never forced anyone to read a single entry, I merely posted that I wrote it in case anyone was interested. Looking at the stats, readership has dipped slightly from blog 1 until yesterday, but not by very much. It looks like a lot of people that read the first entry read most of them through today's. If you read all of them, some of them, one of them; thanks for taking an interest in what I have going on. I really do appreciate it. 

I'm not going to stop blogging now, but I will pull it back a little. Prior to setting my 100 in 100 goal, I blogged a couple times a month. I'm going to shoot to post a couple a week moving forward, but I won't force it anymore. If I don't have anything to talk about, I won't get up in the morning and stare at my laptop trying to think of a topic to write about. 

Like I mentioned earlier, my goal was to get myself into a mindset of doing some writing every morning while I drink my coffee, instead of playing video games for an hour. I think it's been successful, but the real test will be tomorrow morning when I wake up and know that I have no obligation to write anything. As I've said many times in these blogs, the thing I find hardest about doing stand up is forcing myself to sit down and work on my jokes. Hopefully, this blog project has developed a habit of writing something everyday. I want working on my jokes to be the same as showering or brushing my teeth; just part of my daily routine. 

So once again, this is it for a few days. If my constant posting about these blogs on Facebook and Twitter has irritated you, today's your lucky day! Well, tomorrow is. 

If you've been reading them, thanks again.


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