Tuesday, 31 July 2018

#69 - Feel Weird This Morning 07/31/18

Honestly, I wake up feeling pretty good most mornings. I don't have a lot to be upset about these days. But I feel...off...this morning.

And I don't know why. I had a good time at an open mic last night, and saw a bunch of my friends. I still say one of the best parts of being a comedian is just sitting at a table with some of the other comics, joking around. I really can't think of another way to describe it aside from a hockey team. You bond with them and start to look at them like teammates. I had fun there, worked on some material (ugh), and then came home and got a good night's sleep.

But I still just feel weird this morning. Everyone has these days I guess. Mornings like this are where I find this blog therapeutic. I'm just sitting here with my dog and my coffee, putting my thoughts down on the page in front of me. Even if this post is completely "blah" to everyone else, it helps me get going with my day.

Everyone has their problems. People put up shields and force a smile sometimes, but we all have stuff to deal with. I think the key is to just remember that you have friends and family that have your back, and there's always someone to talk to. And no matter how bad you think you have it, there are literally millions, maybe billions, of people that would trade places with you in a heartbeat. I try to remember that every time I feel like complaining about anything in my life.

I just find myself drawn home in the evenings, lately. I don't see much of my girlfriend during the week, she works long days and I go to open mics every night. At most, we get an hour or two to have dinner together. So once I'm done my "workout" in the evening on stage, I just want to come home and be around her and my dog. Comedy is great, because it provides me with a platform to go out, and get everything out of my system. I can be as loud or quiet, as angry or goofy as I want to be. Be the centre of attention for a few minutes, and then disappear again.

I was recently on the road with one of my closest friends in stand up, and he said if he could, he would have a car pull up to the stage. He'd jump out, do his act, and then get right back in the car and take off. I feel like that sometimes, too. I really do like hanging out with the other comics, but once my set is done, I can't wait to get home. Maybe that will be a detriment to my career as I go on, but I don't care.

Today will be a good day. Thanks for reading.


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