Monday, 16 July 2018

#54 - Promoting This Blog 07/16/18

I was thinking about how I want to promote this blog over the weekend. 

My primary goal has never been to grow the number of readers I have week by week, it's just to use this as a tool to stay focused and help me improve as a writer. 

As such, I've decided not to post about it everywhere I can each day moving forward. When I started, I posted on my personal Facebook page, my comedian Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram every morning. Looking ahead, I think I'm just going to start posting about it on a different platform each day, and rotate through. It isn't hard promoting it everywhere, but I don't want to become too irritating to people that follow me on more than one form of social media. 

I get annoyed with things getting rammed down my throat everywhere I look, and I never intended for this blog to be like that. And for the record, nobody has complained to me or anything. I'm just trying to make sure it stays that way. There's already more than enough reasons to hate on me; I don't need to give you anymore ammunition!

That said, if you're one of the people (and I see the numbers, I know there are a few of you out there) that read my ramblings everyday, I strongly urge to bookmark my blog or check my website daily. I normally post around 10:00 in the morning. And if you don't go everyday, that's cool. They're not a hard read, you could probably check back once a month and bomb through all of them in 20 minutes.

I'm pretty proud of this streak so far. When I set out to write 100 blogs in 100 days, I was pretty sceptical of whether or not I'd actually pull it off. Granted, I'm only a step past halfway there, but I don't see a way that I don't make it now. I really do enjoy writing these things (most days). The focus it gives me each morning is invaluable, and the "don't break the chain" mentality has transitioned flawlessly into other aspects of my life. Joke writing, exercise, podcasting; it's helped me be more consistent and goal oriented with all of them. 

I think I'm going to try and shoot past 100 days, and just see how many days in a row I can churn out a blog. I'm sure the day is going to come where I miss one, but I'm going to do everything in my power to avoid that as long as possible. It can literally take 10 minutes to sit down and put my thoughts onto a digital sheet of paper. If I have to get up 10 minutes earlier to make that happen, then so be it.

They won't all be great, thought provoking articles (case in point; today's blog). But I don't care. It's fun, and I like doing it. I just won't ram it down your throats anymore :)

Thanks for reading, guys and girls. Have a good week!


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