Sunday, 15 July 2018

#53 - Sunday Ramblings 07/15/18

Happy Sunday/World Cup Final/Wimbledon Final/July 15th!

It's already noon, and all I've accomplished in the first half of my day is playing Super Mario World with Shay and walking my dog. I have a couple hours to write this, get an episode of Adam Wastes Time up, and get a half-assed workout in before WWE Extreme Rules starts. All in all, a pretty solid Sunday.

Honestly, as much as the WWE's current weekly product doesn't interest me, their Pay Per Views still pique my interest. One of the things I don't like about RAW and SmackDown is all of the time they waste on terrible promos. When you watch a PPV, it's usually just wrestling. Rollins and Ziggler, in particular has my hopes up. I think they steal the show. The card looks decent.

For what it's worth, my predictions for winners are as follows: Strowman, Lashley, Balor, Ziggler, Team Hell No, Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt, Carmella, Bliss, Nakamura, and Styles.

In the world of stand up, I have a few new bits that I think are slowly coming into form. I had some ups and downs on stage this week, but managed to get them all in pretty well every night. Trying a new joke for the first time can suck, but once you know you have something worth working with, it can be exciting getting up there every night. Tweaking and polishing, changing stuff here and there. As I mentioned a few days ago, once I knew I had thirty minutes of material, I started taking my foot off the gas in regards to my writing. So, to get myself motivated again, I've set a goal of coming up with a new 30 that can stand on it's own away from the material I traditionally use now when I have a paying gig. I want the luxury of being able to remove and insert jokes at my leisure, instead of knowing I pretty well have to tell all of them to get through 45 minutes.

I think it'll help me pull back on my reliance on crowd work, too. I love doing crowd work, and honestly, I find it way more fun than just telling my jokes. But I think I use it as a crutch too often, and it's a habit I need to break sooner than later.

My podcast listenership is very slowly climbing! Adam Wastes Time has been trending up a listener or two a week for a while now, and Remember The Game? has started really strong. So if you're one of the dozens of people listening to either of my blabbering podcasts, thank you very much!

Good enough. The streak continues!

Thanks for reading. Have a great Sunday!


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