Sunday, 26 August 2018

#95 - Sunday Rambling 08/26/18

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday....

Tuesday morning I leave for a three week run of the Absolute Comedy clubs in Ontario, and then my girlfriend and I are taking off for a weekend in Chicago as soon as I get home. It sucks to see Summer end, but man I'm looking forward to September!

I spent most of my Friday recording intros and outs and editing podcasts. I've been staying really consistent with both Remember The Game and Adam Wastes Time for a few months now, and I don't want to miss a week if at all possible. I look at them the same way I look at working out; missing one gives me an excuse to miss another, and then before you know it you haven't done anything in a month. It started to get pretty repetitive near the end, but it feels really good to have a month's worth of episodes banked and ready to upload. HUGE thank you to everyone that has come by over the last couple weeks to chat, too. Mucho appreciated!

It's been a fun couple weeks of open mics. I have three or four new bits I'm juggling in and out of the rotation right now. There might not be a better feeling for a comedian (at least in my eyes) than trying a new joke and getting a laugh back. I feel energized and excited to hit the open mics at night when I have something I'm excited to be working on. These new jokes have me looking back at my old ones with a little bit of disgust, because I feel like I'm slowly improving as a writer, and I really do think these new bits will evolve into my best material.

That said, I think (and hope) that in another year, I feel those same feelings of disgust about the jokes I'm working on right now. That means I'm either pushing myself to get better, or I'm coming to the realization that I'm a hack. Hopefully, it turns out to be the first one. Writing is absolutely the thing I hate the most about comedy, but I've accepted it's a necessary evil. I'm forcing myself to sit down and try to come up with something almost every day, and I really do think the repetition is slowly paying off.

Anyways, I'm going to end this stupid thing and go hang out with my girlfriend and my dog. It's our last Sunday vegging out together for a few weeks; we're gonna enjoy it.

Thanks for reading these things, and have a great Sunday!


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