Friday, 10 August 2018

#79 - Hanging Out in the AC 08/10/18

I can't think of anything to blog about today. So I'm just going to spend a couple minutes semi-complaining about the heat.

SEMI-complaining. Don't come at me with your "Winter will be here right away, stop complaining, blah blah blah...." garbage. I like the heat. But this is a little much. One of my favourite things to do is to walk my dog, and she just isn't having it today at all. We get about 5 minutes away and she's had enough. When it's too hot to walk Molly, it's too hot.

I always feel bad when it's this nice out and I waste it hiding out inside. So I'll force myself to sit outside, and unless I'm on a beach or a patio, I just spend it thinking about how damned hot I am. Maybe I just like to complain....

Comedy struggles in Edmonton this time of year because people want to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. But when it's too hot, I think it can actually help the attendance numbers, because we get audience members that are just looking for a way to get in out of the heat. I'm at Yuk Yuks here in Edmonton this weekend (message me for free tickets!), and I'm hoping that's the case tonight. Come out to a 7:30 show, enjoy the air conditioning, and then when you get back outside it'll have cooled off a few degrees. Why wouldn't you come?!

Last night, I was part of a show at a campground a couple hours outside of Edmonton. The show was in a giant tent, and it was actually a lot of fun. But holy hell, it was hot. We had an electric fan on stage that was a lifesaver, but the audience didn't have anything except hats to wave at themselves and the coolers of cold beer they brought with them to try and stay cool with. Bless them, those people stayed for the full show (almost 2 hours) and they laughed the whole time and seemed to have a lot of fun. I like performing in unique situations like that. 

That's enough for today. I met quote, and I'm 21 posts away from the 1-0-0. I'm gonna hang out in here in the cold air and play some Mario Tennis with my nephew. 

Hope you have a good weekend!


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