Sunday, 29 July 2018

#67 - Sunday Ramblings 07/29/18

A few of my stupid thoughts with your Sunday coffee?

- This blog is getting harder to do everyday. Some days, it's a piece of cake, and others I'm pretty hard pressed to come up with something interesting to talk about. That said, the number of hits it gets most days is staying pretty consistent. So if you're reading it most days from the shadows of the internet, I appreciate you.

- Worked at the Comic Strip with Dan Clarke and Justin Willman this weekend, and they were some really fun shows. I've liked Dan since I met him shortly after I got into comedy, so working with him is always fun. And Justin Willman is a magician/comedian, and I can't say enough good things about him. If you didn't make it out to one of his shows this weekend, you missed out. Really nice guy, too. It just makes for a funner weekend when the headliner is chill. I got to host, too, and I really enjoy hosting. It's perfect, because I find most of the comics prefer to middle on the show instead, so it works out for everybody.

- It's the total dog days of summer for sports. Blah. Unless your team is contending for the playoffs or your a diehard baseball fan (my team isn't and I am not) the MLB regular season is over. We just have to wait out another, like, 70 games before the playoffs. CFL is in full stride, too, but I just can't get into it. Fantasy football has vastly overtaken any other reason for me to watch that game. (I bet that makes hardcore football fans cringe).

- SummerSlam is a few weeks away, though, and the card looks decent. Outside of Dickhead Reigns and Brock Lesnar, anyway. Just watching the PPVs has made watching WWE enjoyable again.

- I'm completely, utterly hooked on Mario Rabbids and Final Fantasy 3 right now. Rabbids is awesome, and I'm trying to finish FF3 so my buddy Miklos and I can do a podcast about it. I'll never be able to quit video games. I've given up trying. If this is what it's like to quit smoking, then puff away, smokers.

- I miss playing poker. Maybe I'll save it and do a blog about that this week. What a great game.

- Life is good. I'm a pretty happy (and lucky) guy.

Have a good Sunday, and thanks for reading.


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