Sunday, 8 July 2018

#46 - Sunday Rambling 07/08/18

Happy Sunday, y'all. Hope you had a great weekend.

I had a fun week. Tons of stage time, and I got to go back up to Grande Prairie with my buddy Ethan for a show. Some comics think the crowd in Grande Prairie is a little much, but I love it up there. The crowd is almost always ready for a good time, and they're practically impossible to offend, which means you get drop you guard and come out swinging. Some guy in the audience got arrested in the middle of my set, too, haha. That's my new "craziest thing that has happened to me onstage" story.

The people he was sitting with stayed for the rest of the show, too! Which I find hilarious.

Outside of watching people get taken to prison, it's just been a week filled with comedy and podcasting. I recorded 5 episodes of podcasts this week, both Adam Wastes Time, and Remember The Game. I need to start trying to have a couple episodes in the bank, so I'm not scrambling to get one recorded the day before it's due to go live. Obviously, they aren't earth shattering podcasts, and I don't have any deadlines or anything, but I'm trying harder than ever to stick to a schedule and hold myself accountable. Having an extra episode recorded and holstered has made it 100x easier to maintain that consistency.

It's the dog days of Summer for comedy. My fall is quickly filling up, but my July is practically empty. I know it comes with the territory, and I'm going to try not to get stressed out about it. Just spend the next few weeks writing material and hitting open mics, trying to polish up some new bits for the busy holiday season. I decided to flip through some of my old joke books this past week, and found a TON of premises that I either gave up on, or just abandoned too early. While I'm still not necessarily "good", I'm a better joke writer than I was a couple years ago. I think some of this stuff is worth re-visiting.

SOME of that stuff. "A vagina is just a hole" is an actual note in one of my old books, and I think I'll leave that one alone. Ugh....

I'm going to get off of here. A quick blog is enough to keep the streak alive (46 days and counting!). Dinner with my family tonight, and then ripping over to Empress Comedy Night for a quick spot to end the weekend. (Show starts at 9, Empress Ale House on Whyte, it's free!)

Thanks as always for reading. Have a great Sunday.


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