Friday, 22 June 2018

#30 - Passion Projects 06/22/18

When I proof-read this blog, the first sentence originally said, "Everybody needs a hobby". I realized, who the fuck am I to tell anyone what they need? So no, not everybody needs a hobby. I just think everybody should have one.

I've always tried to have something to work on or do on the side; collecting stuff, writing, my love/hate relationship with video games. Even when I was working at some of the most boring, soul-sucking jobs of my life (selling nails comes to mind), I always managed to stay sane by having something I genuinely enjoyed doing to spend some of my time on. 

Over the last couple of years, my day to day happiness has exploded, thanks to the fact that more and more of my time and energy has been spent doing stuff I like to do. I very rarely wake up dreading my days now, because I enjoy almost everything I'm going to do when I'm awake. 

I love this.

Keeping that quote above in mind, I have stand up comedy to both try and make money, and to be creative with. I've also become quite dedicated to yoga to stay in shape. Unfortunately, I have a fourth hobby I love, called eating fast food, which conflicts regularly with the yoga one. Overall, though, I feel pretty fulfilled most nights when I go to bed.

However, I constantly find myself looking for more ways to be creative, particularly outside of comedy. I've mentioned before that I am very slowly trying to write a novel, and I've been toying with the idea of a second podcast or something for a while as well, that would be dedicated to video games (which, as I mentioned, are my other addition, alongside the whole fast food thing). I chalk those up to being "passion projects". They don't (and possibly won't ever) produce any financial results or anything like that. They're simply things I enjoy working on.

I really like the term "passion project". They can be a great way for you to flex your creativity muscles, and provide an escape from everyday life and the grinds that come with work, family, etc. I wish sometimes that I didn't have to sleep at night, because I would dedicate that entire window of time to various projects like these. I find them more fun to work on than comedy sometimes now, because there's no pressure associated with them. They're purely "for the love of the game" things.

So, like I said at the beginning of this blog, who the fuck am I to tell anyone what they need? Nobody, that's who. That said, I've found my quality of life improves every time I start working on a new "passion project". Even if I don't see it all the way through, it's a nice distraction, and a great way to stay busy. Figure out what you're passionate about, and find a way to spend more time doing that.

Or don't. Whatever. Who am I?

Thanks for reading!


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