Saturday, 2 June 2018

#10 - This Is Why I Don't Drink Very Much... 06/02/18

You wouldn't think writing a blog would be painful, but.......


I'm hungover. Last night I went to an Edmonton Prospects (baseball, for you non-sports nerds) with some friends, and the beers were cold and plentiful. Very, very, plentiful..... I'm hurting this morning, but it was worth it.

Since I got really serious about comedy, my social life has taken a pounding. Which is a good thing for the most part, because it means I'm getting work. It just makes the nights I get to see my friends or family mean a little more, because they aren't as common as they used to be. We went to the ball game, beaked the FUCK out of Okotoks (until they started laying into Edmonton. It's hard to chirp a team that's winning 9-1). Then we turned our attention to the home plate umpire. Which for my money, might be the worst job in sports. Especially with drunk morons behind you all night :)

I don't drink too much anymore. I probably get after it once a month these days? I don't know exactly when my body decided I could go fuck myself, but as I get older, I pay a steeper and steeper price for a night of booze. Remember the days where you could drink all night, sneak in a 2 hour power nap, and then drag your ass through work the next day? Me too. Barely.....haha.

It's too god damned expensive, too. Call me old and lame, but I feel shitty when I wake up the next morning, and realize through my headache that I'm out a couple hundred dollars from the night before. And then add in that I'm a terrible drinker. I'm a happy drunk, but I get really sick really fast once I hit my breaking point. I'm the worst.

I guess I look at drinking like I look at donairs now. I know I'm gonna feel like shit when I'm done, so I make sure to spread out the nights I indulge, and I enjoy the hell out of it when I do.

This is an awful blog. But I'm trying to write 100, and I'll be damned if I'll let a hangover stop me. That's good enough. I'm going for a nap.


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